SolarWedge® tilted racking system ensures seismic safety in residential and commercial flat roof projects by structurally attaching to roof rafters. 


  • Self-bonding, patented system designed for flat roof projects
  • Available in either 5 ,10, and 15 degree tilt angles   
  • Each system engineered and load tested to 30 lb/sq. ft. (equivalent of 110 mph winds per 2013 CBC / 2012 IBC / ASCE 7-10)
  • Spans 6 foot on center max with 2-1/2" tall RoofTrac® Rail
  • Class A Fire Rated for Type 1 and 2 Modules -Requires 4.5" Commercial FastJack® E-Series Extension (as shown)
  • Features UL2703 listed RoofTrac® Rail Clamping Technology and ChemLink™ E-Curb™  easy sealant system.
Solarwedge display

 For Sloped Roofs See: RoofTrac®
For Large Commercial Roofs See: SolarWedge®XD