ProSolar Solar Racking UL2703 Pre-Assembled, Self-Bonding Mid-Clamp 
ProSolar Solar racking End Clamp


  • Available in clear or black anodized
  • Pre-assembled mid clamp (shown-top) bonds module frame to RoofTrac® Rail via channel nut with stainless steel bus bar.
  • End clamps (shown- bottom) precision fitted to module frame to ensure strength and safety (See Module Clamp Size Reference Chart
  • No anti-seize compound application to threads required- reducing installation time and risk of system failures from misapplication 
  • 1-1/2" Channel Nut Offers min 10x rail grip vs. competitor t-bolt designs
  • Impact gun friendly clamps allow for fast installation
  • Heavy duty 5/16" SS bolt vs. competitors' lower strength 1/4"  bolts 
  • Accepts 15 ft-lb torque 
  • Non-bus bar channel nut used for end clamps and microinverters/power optimizers
  • Slides into all RoofTrac rail sizes from end of rail or inserted from top of rail with RoofTrac®  Rail Spreader
  • Patent Pending Bonding Technology
  • Sold in boxes of 24 each