ProSolar®'s GroundTrac® system is a high-strength, easy to install ground mount for residential and light commercial projects. 


  • Integrates with the self-bonding, patented RoofTrac® system
  • Ideal for residential and small to medium-scale commercial projects
  • Features UL2703 listed RoofTrac® Rail Clamping Technology
  • 1-1/2" Schedule #40 galvanized water pipe design is low cost and readily available
  • Each system engineered and load tested to 110 mph wind equivalent per 2013 CBC / 2012 IBC / ASCE 7-10
  • 124” x 2-1/2” Deep Channel Rail and 136” x 2-1/2” RoofTrac® support rail spans: 
    • 6 foot on center max (est. 30 psf snow load)
    • 10 foot on center max (non-snow load)
  • 164” x 3” RoofTrac® XD support rail
    • 8 foot on center max (non-snow load)

Engineering available upon request


For Rooftop PV Installation See:
RoofTrac® and SolarWedge®